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Exercise and data have more in common than you think…

Do you agree with the following? 

  • Exercising is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.

  • If I regularly exercise, I feel better both physically and mentally.

Most would. At least in theory. In practice, we come up with numerous excuses to delay, reschedule and put off getting in better shape. “I’m too busy”, “Fitness subscriptions are too expensive”, “I’m not in the mood”, “I’ll go this weekend”, etcetera.

A similar phenomenon is occurring in data. No one will advise you to ignore data. Just as with exercise, it is common knowledge that working with data has a positive effect on your (and your organization’s) performance. How else will you manage your rapidly changing environment?

What are your excuses? 

Organizations that use data to evaluate and improve their performance are able to stay ahead of the curve. Even as data is now recognized as an important resource, organizations have numerous excuses for why they are still not effectively applying it.

  • No clear vision

Data is a means to an end. Without a clear end goal in sight, using data becomes a goal in and of itself. This is ineffective and frustrating and will discourage your organization from using data in the future.  

  • No budget

Without a clear vision, budget becomes a key factor. Effectively working with data requires an initial investment. Vision first, budget second.

  • No qualitative and/or structured data 

The vast quantity of data available nowadays can make the task of unraveling it seem overwhelming. Not unlike climbing Mount Everest, having the right guide is crucial. Proper guidance provides you with the structured approach you need to succeed.

  • No clear strategy 

Data is a versatile tool, and it offers you many approaches to achieve your goal. Which of these is most fitting for your organization’s context?

  • Not the right set of people 

"What kind of people do I need? Where do I find them? Should I go for flexible or long-term?" We believe people make the difference. They're not the cherry on the cake, they are the cake. Focus on looking for people that are fluent in both business and data, a combination of IQ and EQ. What are you currently doing to get them?

Working with data in an effective and efficient way is a challenge. How can we help to give you that extra push? 

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More and more, data is becoming a critical element of achieving organizational goals. But the task can be intimidating, data is big and complex. This can discourage organizations from diving into the world of data.  

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Exercise and data have more in common than you think…

Exercise and data have more in common than you think…